Worcestershire Film Office Launch

Celebrating the Launch of Worcestershire Film Office

Igniting Collaboration and Opportunities

The atmosphere was charged with excitement and anticipation as 90 individuals representing a diverse mix of studio owners, filmmakers, production companies, location owners, councils, and actors gathered at Avoncroft Museum. 

The occasion marked the highly anticipated launch of the Worcestershire Film Office (WFO), a catalyst for fostering collaboration and bringing exciting opportunities to the area. 

We extend our gratitude to the Visit Worcestershire team, the leaders of Worcestershire County Council, and all the industry professionals and stakeholders who attended the event.

A Convergence of Industry Professionals

The launch party witnessed an impressive gathering of industry professionals, each bringing their unique talents and expertise to the table. Studio owners, filmmakers, production companies, location owners, councils, actors, and various other industry representatives were united in their excitement for the inception of WFO. 

This convergence of diverse talents set the stage for potential collaborations, sparking inspiration and fuelling the collective drive to elevate the film industry in Worcestershire.

A Testament to Collaboration and Support

The overwhelming enthusiasm displayed by attendees at the launch party was a testament to the power of collaboration and the shared goal of supporting filmmakers. WFO’s commitment to offering comprehensive support, including permits, locations, crew, cast, and industry suppliers, resonated with everyone present. 

The event served as a platform to reinforce the importance of a collaborative ecosystem, where all stakeholders work together to nurture and advance the local film industry.

Appreciation for Key Supporters

An event of such magnitude would not have been possible without the dedication and support of several individuals and organisations. 

Special recognition was given to the Visit Worcestershire team, including Lorna Robinson, Georgina Wilkinson, and Owen Brown, for their instrumental role in bringing the film office to life. Their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment were acknowledged and appreciated by all attendees.

Simon Geraghty, the leader of Worcestershire County Council, was applauded for his vision and support of the WFO project. The district, borough, and city councils that came on board as partners were also acknowledged for their invaluable contributions to the initiative, highlighting the unified commitment to fostering a thriving film industry in Worcestershire.

A Vibrant Network of Industry Professionals

During the launch party, attendees were encouraged to connect and forge new relationships within the industry. 

Numerous influential figures and organisations were present, and their names were proudly acknowledged and tagged, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. Key figures included Mat Cooper from Spaghetti Studios, Rachel Bell and Genelle Hadley from Glal.uk, Roland from Midland Road Studios, Scott Barnett from Spark Media, and Hendrik Harms from Worcester Film Festival, among many others. 

This vibrant network of professionals not only represented a collective passion for filmmaking but also showcased the immense talent and potential within the Worcestershire film industry.


The launch party of the Worcestershire Film Office was a resounding success, marked by a palpable enthusiasm and a shared commitment to collaboration and opportunities. The event brought together a dynamic mix of industry professionals, all eager to contribute their talents and support the growth of the local film industry. 

The appreciation expressed toward key supporters, including the Visit Worcestershire team and the leaders of Worcestershire County Council, underscored the collective dedication to the success of WFO. 

As connections were forged and excitement filled the air, the launch party served as a springboard for future collaborations, marking the beginning of an exciting new era for the film industry in Worcestershire.