Double Team

The gritty world of British wrestling sets the stage for working class Roxi Robinson, as she rises from underdog to contender, with a shot at the World tag team titles.

Within the gritty world of British wrestling, a working class girl, Roxi Robinson has dreams of hitting the big time. Amid a tumultuous custody battle, addiction and seedy wrestling gigs, Roxi is the always the underdog.

Roxi reaches a crossroads as her day job decides to let her go. Now faced with mounting bills and legal fees, she contemplates throwing in the towel. the situation fuels her addiction on the downward spiral.

With the situation growing more desperate, Roxi attends one last wrestling gig. however lady luck is in her corner.

She meets a seasoned promoter, Lucio and veteran wrestler, the fabulous Ruby who takes the rookie under her wing. Roxi’s first match is tagging with Ruby that night. she is nervous but the match is a success.

Roxi and Ruby’s chemistry and teamwork is noticed by Maki Suzuki, a legendary promoter of female wrestling in Japan. Maki invites them for a tour as Gaijin (Foreigners) and it culminates in the duo’s shot at an explosive world title match against, “The Tokyo Terrors.”




Matty Muller

Matty Muller

Matty Muller

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Investment details
Full budget available upon request. With this being a British production and passing the BFI test, Matty intends to make use of the recent 40% Tax Credit announcement to secure a large portion of the budget upfront.

Other Information
See pitch deck here.