Exploring the Most Romantic Filming Locations in Worcestershire

As we embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we thought it was only right to showcase our most romantic filming locations! In the heart of England, Worcestershire is painted with picturesque landscapes, capturing the hearts of locals and filmmakers alike. From the iconic Malvern Hills to the stunning Worcester Cathedral, join us in discovering the most romantic Worcestershire filming locations for your next production… 

The Malvern Hills district stretches across parts of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, with some of the most beautiful sights in England. It is an area proud of outstanding natural beauty spots and rich history. Having inspired J.R.R. Tolkein’s ‘Lord of the Rings’, it is no secret that this area is a cinematic gem. Whether it’s the sun’s glow on the hills or the quiet rustle of leaves, the Malvern Hills promises to bring romance alive with its timeless beauty.


The Worcester Cathedral dates back to 1084, with spectacular stained windows and stunning architecture. It sits majestically above the River Severn and is close to the beautiful city centre. Featuring examples of every period of early English architecture from the 11th to the 14th century. With its graceful spires and intricate detailing, the medieval cathedral is no stranger to cinema, and would host a captivating historical romance.


Worcester Bridge, built in the 18th century, also exudes historical allure, offering incredible panoramic views of the river and the nearby cathedral. Whether it stars in sunset-lit strolls or quiet shared moments against the cityscape backdrop, this Grade II listed landmark is a gorgeous location for filming and photography.


Friar Street, located in the heart of Worcestershire, stands as a gorgeous and historic throughfare. With its cobblestone charm and historic allure, it provides a captivating backdrop for love stories to unfold. The picturesque street is lined with a captivating blend of Tudor and Georgian architecture, encapsulating the essence of romance with the warm glow of vintage street lamps lighting the journey…


Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum sits at the north end of Worcester’s High Street. Adorned with a rich collection of timeless art, this location is a filmmaker’s dream. The building features original mosaic flooring, terracotta pillars, and a grand sweeping staircase with surrounding artworks. The stunning gallery offers a unique blend of cultural richness and romantic allure, an eclectic location for filming and photography. 

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