Killer In My Village

This series of Killer In My Village sheds light on shocking crimes that have taken place in small towns and villages across Britain, from execution murders by complete strangers to crimes of passion.

The picturesque market towns and villages of rural Britain are famous for their charm and enjoyed by locals who appreciate the slower pace of life. However, they harbour a darker side and are the backdrop to some of the most terrible murders of recent times. Retelling these shocking crimes, the programme examines all aspects of the case, from the discovery of the body through to each twist and turn of the investigation, until the perpetrator is finally caught and convicted.

Not only do we hear from the detectives who cracked the cases and the bereaved families who lost a loved one, but also from local people who reveal how the murder has changed their tight knit communities forever.

Killer in My Village reveals the truth behind an idyllic façade, where things are often not quite what they seem…

We worked with Avalon earlier last year. They wanted to get some shots outside Worcester Crown Court so we stepped in to ensure this could go ahead.