Stunning Locations For Bollywood Productions

Part 1

There’s an impressive collection of landscapes and historic landmarks in Worcestershire that provide the ideal backdrop for many of the specific needs of Bollywood productions. 

Worcestershire Film Office prides itself on sourcing the perfect filming locations for each production and then working with the locations on clients’ behalf to make sure that all permits, logistical requirements and other details are catered for in the schedule. 

Here are some of our top picks for Bollywood films in 2024/2025:

Whitley Court

Location: Whitley Court

Nestled amidst picturesque gardens and woodlands, Whitley Court is a great example of classical architecture. This historic mansion has a large fountain, wide driveways, impressive columns, intricate stonework, and picturesque surroundings that will really connect with your audience.

Guild Hall

Location: Guild Hall

The Guild Hall in Worcester seamlessly combines history with modern needs. Its striking exterior and well-preserved interiors provide a versatile setting for a wide range of scenes. Whether you’re shooting a traditional drama or a contemporary romance, the Guild Hall has a variety of spaces that offer a unique backdrop to enhance your storytelling.

Malvern Theatre

Location: Malvern Theatre

Dating from 1884, The Malvern Theatre is a cultural gem. Known for its impressive architecture, sculptures and top-notch performances, this venue also offers a perfect stage for larger productions. A much-loved attraction is the Water Clock in the circle bar by French sculptor Bernard Gitton. 

Friar Street

Location: Friar Street

There are few more quintessentially English market town streets than Worcester’s Friar Street. Its cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and vibrant atmosphere make it well suited to a variety of scenes, from romantic walks to bustling marketplaces.


Location: Multi-Venue

If you’re looking for several backdrops in one place, this Multi-Venue option offers a unique mix of settings. There are rural landscapes, pretty gardens and a large Georgian manor house for traditional settings. The fantastic pavilion has events lighting gantries, a stage and easy access. In the vaulted cellars are a wine and cocktail bar with private dining, a music system and dynamic lighting.  This versatile location allows you to capture a wide range of scenes in one place, saving you time and resources. 

Grade II Listed Building

Location: Grade II Listed Building on Fame Pro

This Grade II listed building in Worcestershire boasts 11 bedrooms, and 11 bathrooms with beautiful views over the Malvern Hills. Some buildings have been converted into a 1 bedroom clock tower, a 3 bedroom coachhouse and a 1 bedroomed hayloft. Stunning architectural details here are perfect for period dramas and historical narratives. Its unique character provides a compelling backdrop for Bollywood films.

Stunning Arboretum

Location: Stunning Arboretum

For a sprawling countryside setting with lush gardens, serene lakes, and historic structures, Arley Estate is the answer. This location captures the beauty of Worcestershire’s rural landscapes and can accommodate a variety of large-scale outdoor scenes, including romantic moments and song sequences.

So, whether you’re seeking historic grandeur, modern vibes, or natural beauty, the diverse selection of locations we have access to and can manage on your behalf in Worcestershire ensures there’s ideal spot for your shoot.

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