Cinema & Celebrations At Worcester Film Festival 2023

The Worcester Film Festival 2023 kicked off with a powerful and moving film, “Abbé Pierre – A Century of Devotion” at the prestigious Odeon Cinema. The event was a testament to the dedication and passion of everyone involved, from the accommodating Odeon staff to the brilliant organisers, Henrick and Kirsty.

The evening began with an exclusive screening of the 2023 French biographical drama, which portrayed the remarkable life of Abbé Pierre, a true hero who dedicated his life to aiding the less fortunate – the poor, the homeless, and refugees. Benjamin Lavernhe, in the lead role, brought Abbé Pierre’s story to life with authenticity and depth, captivating the audience.

The Odeon Cinema set the stage for a fantastic movie night, going above and beyond to create a special atmosphere. The venue was decorated with balloons and a red carpet, giving attendees a taste of the glitz and glamour of the film industry. Moreover, the generous offer of a 20% discount on drinks and snacks added to a cinematic experience.

Following the screening, a short stroll across the road led the festival-goers to the JNCTN venue. Here, a fabulous drinks and canapes reception, sponsored by the Royal Television Society Midlands. It was a perfect setting to mingle, share thoughts on the film, and anticipate the exciting journey that Worcester Film Festival 2023 promises to be.

The festival’s second night featured a lively networking event, sponsored by Worcestershire Film Office. Filmmakers from different places, including a Nottingham-based stuntman and a versatile artist from Australia (a writer, director, and actor), attended. A local actor known for her role in ‘Killing Eve’ also graced the event. It was an exciting evening full of connections and creativity. This event would not have been possible without the vision and hard work of Hendrick and Kirsty, whose dedication to the world of cinema shone through every aspect of the evening. A big thank you to the organisers and all attendees for making this event special.